Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Turning 4 years old

Hard to believe that my cute little nephews turned 4 years old yesterday...  it seems like I was just trying to get to the hospital during a snow/ice storm before they were born...and here we are now at 4!!!  They are so alike, yet so different not just in looks but in personality too... Deacon is usually the more outgoing one, but at times Cannon can surprises you...  Cannon is very organized in his own little way and I don't think either one of them have much fear when they are in daredevil mode ;)

Here is a list of their favorite things...  Strawberry Milk, anything superhero (which Aunt Sav ;) made personalized capes for their bday present)... anything wrestling (no thanks to their Uncle Dadid, Daddy and big bro Kyle)... they amaze me with their knowledge of all the wrestlers... and I think their new favorite thing with be this family birthday present... at least once the weather gets warmer

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