Saturday, November 8, 2014

Here I go again...

So I am going to try this blogging deal again..

I am really wanting to dedicate more time to my craftiness and at the prodding of my ever favorite enabler/scrap store owner Paulette at The Scrapbook Princess I want to try my luck at some design team entries.

It has been a while since I have done the whole design team thing and not necessarily because I didn't want to but... I didn't get chosen for a few and well it hurt my feelings.  I felt like what I was doing wasn't good, trendy, pretty, fascinating (enter whatever adjective you would like) enough and it took me a while to realize that just because I didn't get picked, didn't mean my layouts were bad by any means, they just may not have been what was being looked for.

So with that being said I am working on a couple of projects for a DT submission and with that means I need to get back to blogging about my projects, which may not only be scrappy ones, but my new found hobby of sewing and craftiness in general.

Be on the lookout there is no telling what you might see...

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